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We are faced with a unique and valuable opportunity to capitalize on this growing global awareness and hunger for new Trading experiences QAF trading marketing efforts continuous to highlight our offerings. We have also started developing and promoting Brands from Europe & Africa region.

Retail Division
Encompasses all retail outlets across the United Arab Emirates. Focusing not only on the major retail chains and hypermarkets, but also across all trade channels.

Wholesale Division
Wholesale market claims a respectable share of the overall business in the UAE. Wholesalers have their own network of re-distribution and their own unique product requirements that differ from our retail customers and are catered to by a dedicated team that addresses the specific needs of this sector.

Food Service Division
Caters to the specific needs of the food service sector, which includes all classes of hotels, fine dining restaurants and catering companies. Our specialized food service team works closely with our customers' chefs and decision makers to understand their needs and meet their demands, both in terms of quality and delivery deadlines. Food service relies heavily on quality, service and innovative products, which will help the chef, accomplish best values with increased quality.

Direct Distribution Division
With a view to reach every nook and corner of UAE, our fleet and staff of direct distribution will ensure that our products are available even in the remotest corners of the country.