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As a leading surgical instrument supplier, SMGT provides surgical instruments that meet the most rigid quality-assurance standards. Skilled instrument makers utilize a combination of old world craftsmanship and precise, state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to produce our products. Our complete surgical instrument catalog has been expanded to include more than 7,200 patterns.

These include Diagnostic Instruments, Scalpel Blades and Handles, Operating and Bandage Scissors, Forceps, Haemostats, Towel Clamps, Retractors, Skin Hooks, Suction Tubes and Needle Holders. Specialty areas include ENT, Ob-Gyn, Dermatology, Plastic Surgery, Thoracic and Cardiovascular, Atraumatic, Orthopedic, Rectal and Podiatry.
Also available is an exceptional line of Floor Grade instruments under the Basics that includes an additional 225 patterns. With more than three decades of expertise serving physicians, surgicenters, podiatrists, veterinarians and hospitals, we know that the success of our company is based on your complete satisfaction...and we guarantee it 100%.

⁃ Operating Room Quality surgical instruments are renowned for their durability and ease of use.
We proudly provide a Lifetime Guarantee against defects in material and workmanship.
⁃ Our basics instruments are covered by the same guarantee.
⁃ Each time you contact us, a friendly and knowledgeable customer service experience awaits you.

We have good connection with many factories, and become their main and the most important agent, we also jointed ventured with some factories who manufacture Medical Dressings and Disposable Medical Plastic Injection Moulds, thus we can make you a competitive offer!

We been exporting worldwide (European Union, Russia, North America, South America, Mideast, South Asia, and other areas), most of our product are CE/ISO approved, and some of them already got FDA approved. We established a Re-inspection system to guarantee the goods safety and good quality!

VISION MISSION Improve the quality of medical procedures and educate the medical practitioners on the new research and developments To make surgical procedures easy for surgeons and safer for patients Seeking new technologies for the betterment of health and deliver life saving products on an affordable price To make presence across our regions for quick & efficient deliveries to serve the humanity